Slings & Arrows 02x01, ‘Season’s End’
   ↳ "Can we just enjoy this moment for what it is before we start talking about all that other stuff?"


Rachel McAdams on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon (April 09) [x]


BTS video of Rachel’s photoshoot for Vogue (x)

Oh, well Gil is a complete romantic. I mean he would be completely happy to live in a perpetual state of denial.

reverendbryansaid: I have to know, where the quote on this came from. Forgive me if it’s S&A dialog, I haven’t watched it enough to know. : )

It is S&A dialog! Rachel’s character Kate doesn’t say it, but the actress who comes to visit Jack (Luke Kirby) says so. Kate says, “Oh, you were in [some movie title],” and then Jack’s friend explains that she used a body double for the nude scene.

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lucrebello asked: I would like to know where do you find the gifs froms Slings and arrows cause I barely finds scenes where she appears on you tube. Thank you soooo much for being updated, I love this page!

You’re so nice! Thanks for such a sweet message!

I actually make the gifs I’ve posted recently of Slings & Arrows. I own all of the seasons of the show on DVD though and I thiiiink they’re all posted on YouTube as well, but if not, trust me, they are well worth the investment, it’s a brilliant show.

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