"I love patchouli. I wear patchouli oil and everybody always says, ‘You smell like a hippie.’"

Rachel McAdams on the set of Spotlight, 29 September 2014

He’s not suitable for you, baby. 

Anonymous asked: Loved when Rachel and Michael were dating. They were too cute. You know the real reason for the split? - I saw on a website that Rachel was torn between Michael Sheen and Ryan Gosling (I think that's a lie). And a Brazilian website said that Michael cheated on Rachel. - PS: Brazilian sites only publish falsehoods.

There are loads of rumors about why they split, but neither of them have confirmed anything, so it’s all just speculation. I can tell you WITH CERTAINTY that it wasn’t because Rachel was torn between Michael and Gos though. The McGosling saga probably gets viewers to websites but I don’t think it’s really held much truth in a long time.


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"She just radiates brilliance. I was trying to work out what her secret was. I could never be as effortless and cool. In all her takes, she was so comfortable with herself."
Vanessa Kirby on working with her on-screen best friend and About Time co-star, Rachel McAdams. [x] (via ihaveonebell)

About Time

Rachel McAdams onset of Spotlight - 28th of September

favourite rachel hair moments > pink streaks

favourite rachel hair moments > pink streaks